Frequently Asked Questions
Q.What is your cancellation policy?
A.Booking fees are non- refundable, If you need to cancel your event we will need to be notified 3-5 days prior to your event date. If the reservation is canceled last minute due to weather related reasons, let us know if you’d like to reschedule for another date! If the drivers get there and there is no response after 20 mins the drivers will depart and come back until the end of their delivery route. Deposit credit is good for 1 year.
Q.What payments methods do you accept?
A.All Booking Fees payments need to done with a credit card (3.5% fee per transaction). At time of delivery we accept cash, debit and credit card, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle. All transactions done through Debit/Credit Card, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle will have a 3.5% fee per transaction.
Q.Can we pick up the unit and set it up ourselves?
A.Due to safety reasons and proper set up, Fernie’s Party Rentals team are the only ones allowed to set up and take down the inflatables and canopies
Q.How do I ensure your items are clean?
A.Our equipment is clean and sanitized after each use. We clean our units on the outside and inside to insure all units are clean for the safety of everyone.
Q.What are the rules when using the inflatable?
A.No piñatas near units, no confetti, no shoes, no food, no drinks, no gum, no cigarettes, no silly string, no sharp objects, no rough play, no flips, no hanging from the nets, no jewelry, no cell phones. If unit is found damaged/stained there will be a cleaning fee.
Q.How does the booking fee work and is it refundable?
A.Booking fee is not refundable, the booking fee may be used towards another event or item from our inventory.
Q.Where are you located?
A.We are located in Pharr, TX
Q.What cities do you serve?
A.We cover all cities between Mission - Harlingen area.
Q.When do you deliver and pick up? How long do we get to keep our day rental?
A.We start delivering from 7am to 3pm, we pick up the following day from the same time frame. If your event is at a rental place please give us a call so we can schedule you a delivery and pick up time!
Q.What is your weather policy?
A.During periods of rain, severe weather, high winds, lightning or excessive heat, Fernie’s Party Rentals reserves the right to cancel reservation. In case of rain, disconnect completely the electric power and the blower, and store it in a place where it won’t be exposed to the rain. Also, fold the unit along with the tarp so the water won’t damage the unit. If it looks like rain is going to ruin your party and you want to cancel, just contact us before delivery and there is no penalty or cancellation fee. The deposit is good for 1 year to use any other available day. Take in mind that our units are heavier and harder to pick up when they are wet; there will be no refunds after we drop it off even if it starts to rain later in the day.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (956) 460-7669

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